Creating your Own Social Media Network

Once again, with apologies.  I promised this to the attendees of the 2014 Creating Futures Through Technology Conference that I would post my presenation and slides.  Better late then never I guess.  About an hour long.  I cover Read the rest of this entry

Using Google Drive with Canvas

Well I promised this to you back in March, but then wound up on the road doing training.  So I finally got the presentation edited, and the slides published out.  So sit back for about  Read the rest of this entry

Conferences, Card Collecting, and Contacts

Image representing CamCard as depicted in Crun...

Image by None via CrunchBase

I recently attended a trade show in Orlando, Fl.  It was actually largest trade show of its type in the world.  So you can imagine the foot traffic in the convention center.  And the fact it lasted four days meant the potential to collect hundred of business cards from people.  The problem became how to keep up with the cards and add the users to contact lists in my smart phone and tablet.  That’s when I got lucky… Read the rest of this entry


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