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I had occasion today to talk to a friend today (ok…knock off all the “You have a friend???” jokes) and by chance the topic of Twitter and tweeting came up.  And my friend said “I just don’t get it.  I am really not sure if I am doing this right.”  And like that, poof, we were off into the Twitter arena.  So I thought I would share what we discussed, and maybe help any of you who might be a little confused about Twitter. Read the rest of this entry

Professional Learning Opportunites

Craig Jackson:

I posted this on another blog, and wanted to share it here.

Originally posted on MDE Canvas Support:

English: Online Learning

English: Online Learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Friday.  And for some of you educators, it is almost the end of a nother year.  That’s always a positive thing.  But oops, some of you might have forgotten you need some CEU’s before the year ends in June.  And of course, some of you are just always looking for some professional learning opportunities.  So I have a couple of items that may interest you.

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Creating your Own Social Media Network

Once again, with apologies.  I promised this to the attendees of the 2014 Creating Futures Through Technology Conference that I would post my presenation and slides.  Better late then never I guess.  About an hour long.  I cover Read the rest of this entry


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