Here comes the Pokémon Go malware

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Pokémon.  Or Pokeyman as us old folks call it.  Can’t quite recall when the tv and media phenomenon started and ended, but I remember my nephew and niece going nuts over it.  NOW, it has reached out to Read the rest of this entry

Verizon increases plan prices, adds more data

I was going through some of my RSS feeds yesterday and ran across this article.  I try to be sure to verify all articles I read, especially when it comes to news that I do not witness first hand.  So when I saw this article, I waited until I saw the news in a more mainstream media outlet.

Now that this is out, Read the rest of this entry

7 Must-have Tools for Ed Conferences | Ask a Tech Teacher

I was sitting here this morning taking a break and drinking a cup of coffee when I ran across this article.  Conference season is in full swing, and  conferences are trying to better reach their participants.  This article lists 7 items you need to be incorporating into your conference, and surprisingly, the majority of the items can be incorporated in either a native mobile app, or an HTML 5 web app.

Take a look at the article below, and if you need someone to build you an app for your conference, or ANY special event (music festival, animal shelter, athletic event, etc) contact me.  The company I work with builds mobile and web apps, as well as handles social media needs.

Be sure to leave any comments or thoughts on other conference needs.

Source: 7 Must-have Tools for Ed Conferences | Ask a Tech Teacher


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