8 things you’re still doing wrong with email

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I ran across this today during a break from working on Canvas training and helpdesking (new word, mine, can’t touch this) and thougt to myself, hey, this is some good stuff.  Especially the first three items.

Use BCC to send out an email to a group.  How hard is that?  Start adding addresses on the third line instead of the first.

Stop Yelling.  I’m guilty of hitting the caps lock EVEn when I am lookng at the keyboard to type (my normal MO).  But finding out about the Shift+F3 shortcut…

And sending emails at the right time.  Guess when I will be sending the majority of my emails in the future.

Read the article, and share your thoguhts and any other tips you might have.

8 things you’re still doing wrong with email.

Quick Note on Conference Presentations


I am at a state summer conference this week, and in trying to keep out participants up to date on everything, we created an app.  Agendas, locations, directions, social media.  Just about everything you could want, except someone to go to the conference meetings for you.

One of the things we are trying this year is really cutting down the paper agendas and handouts and such.  So we decided to encourage presenters and vendors to use QR Codes for material.  Let me take you through our process. Read the rest of this entry

Stagefright: MMS Text Message Can Hack Android Phones – Fortune

Credit: Fortune.com

Everybody is hacking everybody.  Last week we heard about the adult site that got hacked to make all the folks fooling around to stop.  This week, we hear of a hack that could affect up to 95% of Android phones.  And you don’t have to go to an unsavory site to get hacked.  This is similar to a hack mentioned earlier this year  that affected iOS stuff.

It seems that there is a text message virus going around that all it has to do is be sent to your phone, and your phone is toast.  Seems that when an SMS message is sent to you, your phone automatically processes it BEFORE you open it.  Scary stuff huh.

Check out the link below, and just be aware.

Stagefright: MMS Text Message Can Hack Android Phones – Fortune.


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