Alabama Weather Info for Hurricane Irma

Here are some sites you might find useful during Hurricane Irma if you are in Alabama or have loved ones there.   Weather/Radar/Tracking sites (Local Sites added as situation warrants).

Source: Alabama Weather Info – Craig’s Tech Blog


New trend in storm coverage?

Just wanted to take a moment to make on observation about some of the Hurricane Irma media coverage in Florida.  In most major live ongoing events, TV stations compete with each other to get better coverage than their other local stations.  What does this lead to?  It leads to a lot of everybody reporting from the same location, and getting in each other’s shots.  It also limits how much coverage you really get.

I am pleased to see Continue reading

Florida Weather Info – Hurricane Irma

Image courtesy US Government

Image courtesy US Government

I am updating the Hurricane Irma info as it evolves.  I am editing the page to make sure that as the hurricane track becomes more defined, that I make sure to add information vital to those areas in the immediate path.  While I realize that many TV and radio stations have apps, as do most state and federal emergency agencies, I want to make sure you have access to all sites so that you don’t necessarily have to download dozens of apps to your devices.

I will continue to update information on Irma as it continues to track through Florida and parts north into the week.  So check back often to this page to see what is going on, and then check out the Georgia page as it continues into that state.

Also this via – Text FLPREPARES to 888777 to receive updates via text

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Source: Florida Weather Info – Craig’s Tech Blog