Those new USB-C cords can fry your laptop

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Here is a serious issue for technology users to be aware of.  We have all been in this situation before.  On the road or at work and your phone or tablet starts to run out of power.  You run out to the nearest convenience store, or Read the rest of this entry

Kik messaging app scrutinized in wake of Va. teen’s murder

For all my educator friends out there, you may want to look at this article, then talk to your students about the dangers of social media.  It appears Kik, which is a semi anonymous social media messenger may have been involved in the meeting of a 13 year old Virginia girl and two college students who allegedly murdered her.

So read the article, and remind your students and your own kids to be careful when dealing with folks on the Internet.  You never know who you are dealing with, and the risks are great.

Source: Kik messaging app scrutinized in wake of Va. teen’s murder

The New Canvas Interface | RCU Tech Support

Howdy folks.  Just wanted to drop a quick note this morning to all my Mississippi educator friends who use Instructure Canvas through the Mississippi Department of Education.  Canvas is deploying a new user interface.  Check out this post by RCU Tech Support to help you prepare for it.

And if you have questions or need assistance, contact the RCU Helpdesk via email at of call 662-325-2510

Source: The New Canvas Interface | RCU Tech Support


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