College loans won’t disappear with debt relief plans

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You know, working at a university and living in a university town for over 30 years, you can’t help but meet and become friends with a lot of college students.  And like most college students, they wind up taking out student loans and graduate owing someone a lot of money.

When I ran across this article, even though it has nothing to do with technology, I wanted to share it.  Most youngsters are living on a tight budget, and from personal experience, I know that it is like to look for that magic solution to help someone get rid of a large debt.

My advice:  read this article, share it with anyone you know who can benefit from the info in it.  And don’t ever believe it if someone says they can help you get a loan forgiven.  Odds are the just want to separate you from your money.

College loans won’t disappear with debt relief plans.

Starbucks cards compromised but it wasn’t hacked

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Compromised, NOT hacked.  Can someone explain this to me please?   Seems whenever something negative happens anymore, someone tries to spin it.

Sorry sir, your card was not hacked, it was compromised.  So what about my money…is it gone or just hiding from me?

C’mon folks.  Finding the right term to use to legally cover your arse is not something anyone should be proud of.  Your product that you sold to someone else was used to take their money without them knowing it.  This harkens back to a political period when a politician was being questioned about an event, and the offending party actually wanted the definition of the term “is” and how it was to be used in the questioning.

Face it Starbuck’s, you screwed up.  Folks had their money taken from them because of your card.  Deal with it.

And if you ever get stopped for speeding, tell the officer you were not speeding.  Tell them your speedometer was compromised.  See what good that does for you.

Starbucks cards compromised but it wasn’t hacked.

An Excel Template for Every Occasion

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I know it seems I have been posting a lot about Excel lately, but there is a reason for it.  I am basically having to teach myself how to use Excel on the fly, and I am dumber than a bag of hammers.  But I am smart enough to know that there are tons of resources out there that will help someone like me learn to use Excel.

So when I ran across this piece, I figured I would share it.  Templates.  Use them or lose them.  Maybe you can simply use the template as is.  Maybe you can modify it to meet your needs.  Maybe you can reverse engineer it to learn how to build one yourself.

Whatever the case, they can be helpful.  So check them out, and maybe share then with a teacher or a student who needs assistance with Excel

An Excel Template for Every Occasion.


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