Twittering about on a Friday

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Image via CrunchBase

It’s Friday.  Bet you guys did not know that.  I am trying to wrap up the week, and as part of the things I needed to get I created a couple of screencasts to be used in an online class a friend of mine has created.  The class is on Twitter, and I was asked to do an overview on a couple of tools I use with Twitter.

One of the products is a product used to create, read, search and filter tweets.  The product is called Tweetdeck, and it is owned by Twitter.  I find it easier to use, and has more features than the main Twitter website, plus you can access it anywhere with all your predetermined columns and searches via a nice web interface.  You can view the screencast here.

The second product is which allows you to use web content to generate a customized online newspaper.  You can use your twitter feed, customized searches, RSS feeds, videos and much more to generatea paper with fresh content once a day, twice a day or weekly  It is free, and has a lot of potential for educators.  You can view that screencast here.

Let me know what you think, and have a happy Independence Day next week.


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