Craig Does Blackboard World 2012

New Orleans Skyline

New Orleans Skyline (Photo credit: joseph a)

This week, I am going to stray a  bit from my technology theme to keep you up to date with my visit to Blackboard World 2012 in New Orleans, LA.  I will be taking in the sessions and trade show in an attempt to better educate myself on the LMS and what tools are available to make it better for the end user.  So yes, in that sense, I will still be in the technology vein just a bit.

This morning I will be spending time working with Michelle Taylor to finish the presentation we will be giving tomorrow at the conference.  I say we, but make no mistake:  Michelle is the driving force behind this, and I am just lucky enough to be riding her coattails!  Our session is at 4:10 PM CT tomorrow in room 268 at the Convention Center.  Our topic is “Using Web 2.0 Tools in Blackboard”.  Ought to be a fun session.  If you are attending Blackboard World, or know someone that is, please be sure to tell them to come catch the presentation.  It should be well worth their time.

As for me, I have got a full schedule of sessions to sit in on, and hope to meet a lot of great folks who will become not only great friends, but also great mentors and resources.

So be sure to follow Michelle and I as we tweet our way through the conference, and follow our Blackboard World 2012 Daily News Update here, or follow the Blackboard Hashcaster here.  And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or tweet to us…. @CraigJackson @RCUBbTech or @RCUOnlinePD.  And come find me in The Big Easy.


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