The Big Day in the Big Easy

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Well, the day at Blackboard World 2012 #BbW12 is gradually coming to a close.  It has been a good day, but a busy one.  Michelle and I spent the early part of the morning wrapping up the presentation we were doing today.  As usual, we were never satisfied with the content or delivery up until the actual presentation.  But we headed off to the conference to check things out.

We had a great lunch and met some folks who are definitely going to be assets to me before all is said and done.  There was Lauren from Arizona, who was getting ready to do a presentation on Blackboard Mobile.  I could not catch her presentation live, because it was at the same time as ours.  And of course, it was on the other end of the “Raiders of the Lost Arc” sized convention center!

Then there was the conversation with Tina from Hillsdale College in Michigan.  Tina is a system admin, so I know I will be getting loads of good help from here as I continue to learn Blackboard.

And finally, visiting with Michael and Paul from Florida and hearing some of their thoughts and ideas on online learning, web 2.0 tools, and just technology in general.  Michael, we are gonna hold you to that offer of a site visit to you school in January or February!!

The time finally came for Michelle and I to dour our presentation.  Thanks to all you folks for choosing to spend an hour of your hectic conference with us.  It is always good to see a roomful of interested learners.  I guess that it what teachers hope for every day.  As usual, the time to present was not enough, but spending the time with you and hearing your thoughts on things was great.  We posted the podcast and slides from the session HERE, and will have the final compiled presentation online for you by August 1.

So for now, it is time to close out the day.  But before I go, Chester Marcol, Tina.  Chester Marcol was the great kicker from Hillsdale College that played for the Packers.  So sorry, no points this round, but thanks for playing the game!


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