Speaking about Technology…


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I will be presenting this week at the Mississippi CTE Summer Conference in Jackson, MS.  I have been asked to speak to two groups of educators.  One group will be the Heath Science technology Education instructors and the other will be to the Business instructors.

I will be working with the HSTE instructors on using Social Media in the Classroom.  This is a new section to my DISK course.  DISK stands for Digital Immigrant‘s Survival Kit.   And while I can take credit for the acronym, I can not take credit for the “digital immigrant” phrase.  The 75 minute session will cover:

  • Introduction of various tools for the classroom
  • Basics of Twitter
  • How to use Tweetdeck
  • Using Paper.Li to publish daily online journals

In the afternoon, I will work with the Business instructors to cover various freeware, online e-publications, and online resources for them to use in the classroom with their students.  I am still working on the content for that, so I can’t give you the agenda right now.

As always, when I finish the presentations, I will post the content online here for you to view if you would like.  And also as always, any feedback and comments are most welcome.

So until blog again, enjoy the day, and if you are in the Jackson, MS area July 17-18, let me know and we can sit down and talk technology.


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