MBEA, Day One

Me about to present at 2012 MBEA Conference at Eagle Ridge Conference Center at Hinds CC

Won’t post a lot tonight.  First day of the Mississippi Business Education Association conference is in the books.  Well actually, it has BEEN in the books.  I have just been working on getting my stuff wrapped up from today, and prepped for tomorrow.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to my session today.  Had a good mix of secondary and post secondary educators and administrators.  I was also privileged to have the past president of MBEA and the president-elect of MBEA in my session.

I am working on getting the video edited and online, but it will probably be Monday before that is available.  I will also be recording my session on Friday, so for those of you who are gluttons for punishment, there will two sessions for you to view.  Hopefully there will not be much difference between the two, but if you know me, my presentation is always just a starting point and an ending point.  And how we get to the end is dependent on what you need.

Thanks again for coming to the conference and making my session enjoyable.  Be sure to follow the link below to see the content covered today.  And I will tweet out on my @CraigJackson Twitter account when I have the video uploaded for you to view.

MBEA Presentation Content

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