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English: computer network IP address

English: computer network IP address (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TGIF.  Or so some think!  I think I am gonna start a new series here.  Well, it will not be a new one, it will be the FIRST one.  Every Friday, I will post a few links that you guys may find of interest or helpful.  Why Friday?  Why not earlier in the week?  Simple.  If the link is interesting, you have the weekend to do down the wabbit hole chasing the wascally wabbit.  So without further adieu (or a don’t) here we go.

It seems more and more that folks are having problems hitting an internet site.  And they are not sure if it is their browser, computer or network that is to blame.  So….

Down or is it just me

This site allows you to go in and check to see if a website is down to everyone or just you.  Enter the URL you want to check on, and viola,  the answer  is returned to you.  It also has the added feature of allowing you to test your connection speed, which could also have something to do with a site being slow to respond to your system.

Is it up

This site is simple and straight forward.  You enter a URL, it tells you if it is up, what the response time is, the response code (with definition) and the IP address.  Nothing fancy.  Just does the job.


It doesn’t get any simpler. Enter the URL. Either it works or it doesn’t. Pretty cool huh!!

So those are your links for the week.  Hope you find them helpful.  If you have any links you want to share or want me to check out, email me and we will see what I can do.

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