Severe Weather Alerts Activated

Mississippi Department of Transportation

Mississippi Department of Transportation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings to all on this wet and cold Monday night.  As you may know, we are having facing the potential for some wintry weather over the next few days.  Now in some parts of the world, the weather we in Mississippi are facing would just be normal run of the mill stuff.  But we southerner’s are not always prepared for this.So I have activated my weather alert text messaging system.  The system is powered by and is based on OFFICIAL Mississippi Department of Transportation tweets.  We have separate text alerts for North, Central, Southern and Overall MDOT information.  You can opt in and out of the system at will.  I also have alerts for local Oktibbeha county weather alerts, as well as Webster County weather alerts.  If you would like me to create a text alert for a specific situation, please contact me.

Now, just follow the directions below to begin accessing alerts.  YOU WILL RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES ONLY.  When weather conditions improve, we will stop sending messages, but you will still be signed up in the event we have to use the system again.  For more info about the system, click here.

Mississippi Road Conditions

Information is from MDOT feeds

For overall Mississippi updates, text @MSMDOT to 23559 –
For North Mississippi updates,  text @MSMDOTNorth to 23559 –
For Central Mississippi updates, Text @MSMDOTCentral to 23559 –
For South Mississippi updates, Text @MSMDOTSouth to 23559 –

Local Severe Weather Information

For Oktibbeha County MS updates text @z39759wx to 23559 –
For Webster County MS updates text @WebsterCowx to 23559 –

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