On the Road Again


Where? (Photo credit: Anonymous Account)

A couple of weeks ago, you might recall I travelled to Orlando, FL for a trade show. As is usually the case on any long road trip (yes, I drove) I am always trying to figure out where is the best place to stop for gas, maybe grab something to eat, and even occasionally where is a convenient rest area. So during the trip, while my buddy was taking his shift driving, I took the opportunity to look for some apps that would help me answer the questions “Where are we” and “Are we there yet?”

So here are several apps for Android that you might want to check out before your next road trip.

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

If you have ever been tooling down the interstate or some local highway you are not familiar with, only to see that “Low Fuel” indicator light up on the dash. Or maybe you are just in a city and looking for a particular brand of gas. This app is a great one for you. You can look for fuel in a specific city, or you can look for a station near where you are, complete with distance to the station. You can sort the list by price, or you can look for a specific grade of gas or diesel. Click on the station you want, and be given driving directions. Or, look at a map view and take your choice. Very helpful for me when I am driving to Omaha for the College World Series and try to limit the number of stops I make.

Best Restaurant Finder

Again, you are driving and it is later in the evening, or it is the weekend. You want to stop for a bit and grab a bite to eat. Fire up this app and choose the type establishment you want to visit, click your current location, and viola…places to eat, and more importantly, whether or not they are open! One more click and there are reviews, and directions to the location. Can’t beat it if you travel a lot to unfamiliar locations.

Truck Stop Locator

Always a good app to have when travelling. On the highway and suddenly the car starts acting up. I can tell you from experience, between St. Joseph, MO and Omaha, NE there are not too many places to stop for help. So better to have this app and be able to look up where to go before our old friend Mayhem sets in! Find out what franchise your truck stop is and what service they have.

My-Cast Weather Lite

Always a good idea to know what the weather is like where you are and where you are going. I remember the time going through Cape Girardeau, MO when the heavens decided to shut out the sunlight and let loose a frog floater. Had no idea we were driving through the middle of a severe thunderstorm warning area into a tornado warning area. If we had only had this app, along with the handy dandy truck stop locator, we could have stopped for lunch and the safety of a building instead of pushing on through the storm. Gives you warning for your location based on GPS. Actually brought to you by the good folks at Garman.

So before you head out on the road for your next trip, you might want to take a look at these apps. Besides, the price (FREE) can’t be beat. Unless you are looking for them to pay you to use them!! hahaha


One thought on “On the Road Again

  1. I love the gas buddy app! I have a book called “The Next Exit”. It’s essentially broken up by state I believe with every major highway/freeway with the exit numbers and what is at each exit. Such a handy book to look for places to stop when on a long trip. Came in very handy on my 2 cross country road trips! Wish it was an app.


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