MECA Day One…In The Books!!

Well Day One of my presentations at the 2013 Mississippi MECA state conference is in the books.  Had two really great sessions, with some really interested learners.  Could not have asked for a better bunch.  The first session was on creating your own SMS texting system using  Would like to give a shout out and thanks to Nick Hopper from Tippah County on catching an error I was making in the session regarding creating your account.  In the past, you had to sign up using your Twitter or Facebook account.  In looking over the hands on session for this conference, Nick and his superintendent saw the information abotu the session I was doing on  About that time, north Mississippi came under a winter storm, and the school district had to contact all the parents to let them know about school closings and so forth.  They went to and created an  SMS messaging system BEFORE comign to MECA, and Nick was about to point out that now, you can simply create a user name and generate an account.  Granted, you will still want to verify your account with a cell phone, email or social media account.  But at now just having to create a username does save time and some hassles in case you are creating multiple accounts.  Thanks to Nick for catching me on that before I stumbled and looked goofier than normal!

In the second session on creating a social media network, we got a chance to look at Google Voice, then created Twitter accounts, and showed the participants how a Twitter account can be the anchor of your social media system.  Twitter can be used to reach worldwide readers with information about your program, and can be used as a receptor to trigger a message.  Then we were able to see how your twitters, and tweets from people you are following, can help you to create a self-generating newsletter via to keep your students, parents and community up to date on information regarding your school or class.  Several participants were able to generate the first newsletter during the class, and were able to see how one tweet from them, with the proper hashtag and including URLs can be used to reach the world with information, trigger a text message via to students and parents, and generate content for a self-generating newsletter.  Not bad when you are an educator working with limited time.

All in all, I had a very enjoyable day with these educators, and look forward to visiting with them more in the future.

And, I am looking forward to my last presentation on how to create apps.

Videos will be edited and uploaded soon, so watch the site for info on that.

Thanks for coming to the conference, and let me know if I can help you with anything in the future.


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