The Topic is Media Conversion Software

Last week, I had a Tech Support phone call for Blackboard.  An instructor was trying to use a video inside his Blackboard course.  Unfortunately, the site hosting the video was blocked by his school.  In order to share the video with his students, he had downloaded it from the site, and loaded it in his shell.  However, the video was taking too long to load.

NOTE:  Before I continue with this post, let me say right up front:  Using copyrighted material without permission is ILLEGAL.  Fair use is possible, but fair use guidelines are very ambiguous at best.  I strongly recommend that if it is copyrighted, link to it, or email the copyright holder and request permission  to use it in your class.  I will do a later post on usage of copyrighted content.

Back to the story.  After talking to the instructor, and checking out the situation, I realized he had uploaded a 128 MB HD video to his course. Even with the best connection, that would take a couple of minutes to download.  With a packed school connection, it could take quite a while.  My suggestions was simple:  Use Freemake Video to convert almost any video or audio file to a smaller, more useable format.

Freemake Video is a product that I have used for several years.  As the name indicates, it is FREE.  It is a simple program to use.  You select a file or files that you want to convert.  You choose the format you want to convert to.  You choose the parameters via a drop down box.  You click the button.  The files are converted.

But wait, there’s more.  If you have videos you have created on your computer (screencasts or traditional videos) you can generate a DVD compatible with your DVD player attached to your TV.  Pretty cool huh.  You can also take still images and create a slide show, complete with music that can be turned into a video, or DVD for home viewing.

There is an audio conversion capability as well.  The variety of formats it can convert from and to is quite large.

The best part about this program is that you can use it not only to convert and/or attach files to one another, you can also do basic editing.  By that I mean that you can cut out areas that are not needed, although you do not have the ability to create transitions or special effects.

Also, you can burn your converted files directly to CD, DVD or Blue Ray.  Not bad for a free applications

So if you are having problems with videos that are too large for downloading at school over a congested network connection, you might want to consider downloading and using Freemake Video Converter.  I think you will be well pleased with the results.


2 thoughts on “The Topic is Media Conversion Software

  1. If you want to go with free media conversion software, I suggest Digital Media Converter. It is a free product that supports every popular input format and the easy to use UI allows you convert video files effortlessly.


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