Coffee Break Safari

coffee break

coffee break (Photo credit: _Pek_)



Well it seems I have caught a small break in the Blackboard Tech Support calls that I normally handle all day every day.  So I thought I might take the time to catch up on some of my research and reading and finding new and cool things to share with you. So on with the safari!





8 Cool New & Revised Features In Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich
Yes, I know this article came out in January, and I know ICS came out way before that.  And I know all about the updates.  But I thought for some of you who may have updated, but just not taken the time to look at some of the new features.  About the LEAST important feature change was the Halo Theme that they seem so proud of.




Saving Mobile Data: 5 Clever Ways To Reduce Data Usage
Having just come back from a week-long trade show in January, and a week-long conference in February, I know how easy it is to eat up your data plan.  So this article has some tips that might help you keep an eye on your data usage so you do not go over budget.



Turn Android into free WiFi Hotspot (no root)
Speaking of Data usage, how many times have you been somewhere and needed to break out your laptop to do some work, only to find there is no WiFi in the area.  At least no FREE WiFi.  Well this cool app for Android will let you turn your mobile phone or tablet into a WiFi hotspot for free.  Of course it does count against your data plan, but that is probably cheaper than trying to find and pay for WiFi somewhere else.




What Does It Stand For
Ever run across a file extension that you just absolutely have no clue what it means? Check out this site, enter the extension, and find out all about it.  Great resource to also see which media extension types are the most used.




Anyway, seems the break is over.  Got some Tech Support issues to handle.  Check back later to see what I can find on my next safari.  Questions and comments and general feedback more than welcome, as always.










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