It’s Wednesday!!!

Copyright, Course Materials and YOU!

Copyright, Course Materials and YOU! (Photo credit: giulia.forsythe)

Greetings everyone.  Hope your week is going well.  Right off the bat, let me tell you that I am working to get my content from the Mississippi MECA conference updated and online.  Last week was busier than expected, so I am a little behind.  That said, congratulations to all the folks who have created the Celly accounts, and the folks who have created their apps.  I am anxious to see the results of the apps, and also find out how the Celly accounts are helping you.  Now, in deference to Bullwinkle and Rocky, “On with the show, this is it!” Feel free to sing along!


Copyright and Fair Use in Education

Have had a lot of questions recently about copying YouTube videos to a computer and showing them in your class because you do not have access to streaming video sites.   Straight up:  if it is copyrighted or you are not sure, be very careful.  Click this link to read a good article on Copyright and Fair Use in Education.  If you still have questions, contact your local librarian, and they are likely up to date on this issue.

How to Get Started Blogging

I read more and more each day how blogging is becoming more important in education and just everyday life in general.  There are many good blogging platforms out there, so I will not get into that.  But f you are interested in how to get started, give this link a visit.

Increase Your Social Media Effectiveness

Some of you already have a social media strategy in place, but just need help getting it

to take off.  Here is a good article from Forbes that might give you some direction.

Revisiting Twitter and Celly and Paper Li

Remember at MECA when we talked about a streamlined social media strategy that included Twitter at the core to deliver messages to those online, and drive text messages through Celly and generate information for an online newsletter?  Well this case study by Hootsuite just goes to validate that the things we talked about in that session are right on the mark. Bet you thought I was gonna say spot on, didn’t you!!

And finally, here is a cool site called IMverter that you can visit if you need to convert an image format really quick.  Just upload the file, tell it what format you want, and wait for it to pop up on your screen.  Once it does, just download it and go to work!!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


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