Site Seeing on a Friday Afternoon

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So a lot of you are probably thinking I have lost sight of the objective, or  just decided not to blog anymore.  Not true.  Just a bunch of things conspiring to keep me from the keyboard.  But I am taking a little time away from tech support calls this afternoon to share some things with you.  Most of the time, my posts try to follow a theme.  But today, we will be all over the map.  So let’s get started.

Professional Learning Networks (PLN) and Community of Practice (COP)

Had an opportunity to visit with a lot of educators when I was at the Creating Futures Through Technology Conference in Biloxi, MS earlier this month.  Danna Reevis (@S_Trainer) and Andrea Flagiello (@AndreaFlagiello) did a presentation on “How to Foster and Grow a Genuine Community of Practice”.  Well, as fate would have it, as I was going through old emails, I found THIS LINK that contained several ideas, guides, and tools for a better PLN.  Could also work for COP, right?  They can be found on Twitter following the #maltrocks hashtag.

Twitter Tools for Teachers

Dr. Michelle Taylor, (@RCUOnlinePD) the Online Professional Learning Manager at the RCU has developed a ten hour course on Twitter in the classroom.  And would you look at this…here is a site that shares 100 Best Twitter Tools for Teachers.   Amazing!!

Online ePapers

Any of you who know me will attest to the fact I LOVE and the ability it gives you to become an internet publishing magnate.  Well I happened to stumble across The CyberWise Daily today, and it is just chock full of good articles pulled from some great Twitter feeds.  Be sure to check it out and favorite it.  And if you have your own publication you would like to share, please email me the info so I can share it.

FREE eLearning Courses

I had an instructor call me this week looking for some online course she could use as additional resources in her Chemistry classes next fall.  TeachThought (@TeachThought) share a list of 50 Top Source of FREE eLearning Courses.  Give them a gander then post a comment here and tell us which is your favorite.

Social Media Tips

Edudemic generally has some very useful posts, and this one on 25 Twitter tips for Students, Parents and Teachers is no exception.  Following some of these tips could help you become more at ease in the world of social media.

OK.  Enough for today.  I hope this gives you a few things to look at and consider.  If you have questions, comments, or items you wish to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section.


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