It’s April Fool’s Day…or is it?

Practical jokes where balloons blocked entry i...

Well it’s April 1.  Also known as April Fool’s Day.  A day on which people play practical jokes on each other.  Me?  Every day is April Fool’s day to me.  I have a warped sense of humor.  But, to be fair, I am not going to pull any tricks on you guys today.  I will however share some images I found today, that made me laugh and go hmmm.

So enjoy your day, and enjoy the pranks.  You can click the image to see it full size.  Images were found at

New Technologies for 2013

What’s New in Photography

What’s New in Mobile Telephone Etiquette

Computers and Users … Then and Now

And finally, how to procrastinate properly and effectively.

Have a great day, and remember, anyone can be serious.  But it’s ok to laugh and enjoy things too!

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