Embedding Videos in PowerPoint 2010

Fullscreen capture 432013 15918 PMGreetings all.  Will try to keep this short.  The topic is embedding videos into a PPT presentation.  Of course I am sure we have all done this many times over the course of time.  And if this is covering old territory, just consider it a carpet runner to keep me from wearing out your carpet.

I had a person I work with talk to me at lunch today.  She was trying to embed a video from the web into PowerpointShe had spent most of a day with a guy from our IT department trying to figure it out.   They were following all the steps based on the Youtube video they were trying to embed.  But they kept getting an error message saying they needed the new version of Adobe Flash Player…which they already had.

I went to Vimeo.com and used their embed code to embed one of their videos.  And viola, like magic, it worked.  So I knew the Flash player was working, and the code was correct.  With that in mind, I did a little code sniffing.  I created a word document and pasted the “OLD” embed code from each one side by side, and then broke it down line by line to look for differences. (see below)

Fullscreen capture 432013 15918 PM

All the coding looked pretty much identical, other than different locations in the code for different parameters.  Then I saw where the problem was.  In the Youtube code, following the source URL for the movie, there was some extraneous coding that I could not find in the Youtube URL.

Fullscreen capture 432013 21733 PM-001

So I removed the extraneous code,

Fullscreen capture 432013 20152 PM

and once again, viola, like magic, it started working as it should.

So if you are having problems getting the Youtube old embed code to work in your Powerpoint presentation, simply go into the code as you paste it into Powerpoint, remove the extraneous code, and all should work fine.

Here is the screencast that shows the procedure.

If you have any questions, comments or other thoughts, please feel free to share them.

20 thoughts on “Embedding Videos in PowerPoint 2010

  1. just figured out a fix that works….in the extra code just change “version=3” to “version=2″…..BAM!!!!


  2. I can not get this to work for me, here is the code

    I have no idea what else to do, i removed the bad code just as the video says too.


  3. Here is my code, I cannot connect to that link Craig.


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