And like that, snap, he was back

English: Blackboard

English: Blackboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone.  Sorry to be away from the blog for so long.  Since the last time we chatted, things got a bit crazy.  So here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Over the last few years, that organization I work for has been using Blackboard as their learning management system.  In mid April 2012, the decision was made to go with Canvas by Instructure as our learning management system.  Which was cool.  Then we got the kick or reality:  just like when you move out of one house into another, you have a deadline.  Our deadline was be out of Blackboard by June 30 and into Canvas July 1.  Fun huh!  Now add the variable of teachers being off contract from May 31 until Aug 1.  And oh yeah, add the other variable of school starting August 5th.  Yeah!

So these past few months have been a whirlwind existence for me trying to clear one system, and implement a different system.  And yes, I wound up facilitating the first course we ever offered using Canvas.  Talk about baptism under fire!

All of that is my way of telling you that I am back, and intend on doing a lot more blogging about how we are implementing Canvas, some tips and tricks to maybe help others gain from our experiences, and things to help teachers as they move into Canvas.  I am even looking at having some featured bloggers to share their experiences with Canvas.

So welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!  We are gonna get back to blogging and sharing things that hopefully will be beneficial to you guys.

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