Setting Point Values in Canvas Quizzes

Editors Note: Since I blog for another site, and some of the content is the same, I am just reporting this from my other site. Hope you don’t mind the repition of some things if you follow both blogs.

I have been getting a lot of questions about Canvas quizzes recently.  The top two questions are:

  1. Can I randomize the answers for one question in a quiz?
  2. Can I globally set the point value for questions in a quiz?

So I will attempt to answer these questions in this post.  Hopefully it will give you answers to the questions, even if they are not the answers you want to hear.

Can I randomize the answers for one question in a quiz

Very simple answer to this one.  No, you cannot.  In Canvas, when you are setting up the quiz, you have the option to shuffle, or randomize, the answers in a question.  Simply put, this is an all or none proposition.  When you create a quiz, you are able to set the options for the quiz.  The options are global, so what you set, is what you get!

Can I globally set the point value for questions in a quiz

This one is a little more difficult to answer, but there is a definitive answer.  When creating a new quiz, question by question, Canvas does not offer you the ability to put a point value for the quiz.  There are other options to set, such as shuffle the answers allow multiple attempts, etc. But by default, Canvas assigns a point value of one point per question.  So a 50 question quiz would count as 50 points. Now Canvas does grade quizzes by percentage, so you are not seeing a grade of 50 being a passing grade.  However, if you want the quiz to count as 100 points, you would have to go in and manually edit the point value in each question to set it to two points, thereby making the quiz score 100 points.

Now if you create a question bank, you can let Canvas go ahead and default to one point per question.  So a 50 question question bank would be worth 50 points.  Now here is where it gets tricky.  When you create a new quiz, instead of creating a new question, you create a new question group.

Add a name for the question group, enter the number of questions you want selected from a question bank, and ENTER THE POINTS PER QUESTION!!!  Then click the “Link to a Question Bank” link, select the question bank you wish to randomly select the questions from.  After you have selected the group, click the “Create Group” button, and the group will be created.  Then save the quiz, and you are ready to go.

What you will have done, is create a quiz with question randomly selected from a question bank, with a points per question set to the value you want, bringing the quiz point total to the score you want.

Again, you can choose to shuffle all the answers to the questions if you want to, but it is either shuffle them all, or shuffle none.

Hopefully this answers your questions about shuffling (randomizing) answers as well as how to go in and create points total for each question, either on a question by question basis, or by using question banks and questions groups.


One thought on “Setting Point Values in Canvas Quizzes

  1. Setting a value for a quiz, or even just setting a default value for each question seems like basic functionality that should have been in Canvas from the start. The solution presented here is extremely convoluted. Deficiencies like this need to be addressed promptly if Canvas is to be taken seriously as anything more than a beta.


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