How Do I Keep Up with Technology?

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twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a monthly Twitter chat  with the #MALTRocks group.  Now for those of you not in the know, MALT stands for Masters of Arts in Learning Technology.  I met a couple of folks at the Creating Futures Through Technology conference last year who are members of this group (@S_Trainer and @AndreaFlagiello).  They are always nice enough to remind me when the Twitter chats are, and to be sure to invite me to participate.  By the way, these two ladies are top-notch in their field.

So last week, at the appointed time, I get an email from one of them reminding me to be online for the session.  The topic this month was “How do you stay on top of technology for the classroom”.  As usual, I was trying to lurk and learn, but one of my friends…let’s call her @AndreaFlagiello …. said that I had a lot of information to share.  And silly me, I said I would share my list the next day.  Well, obviously, I did not get to it because of work.  But without further adieu, here are some of the sites I follow to stay up to date.

And thanks to Andrea for speaking kindly of me.  I am honored.

1.  Make Use Of –  This site offers lots of tips, tricks, and reviews on different hardware and software.  Not all Web 2.0 tools, but still helpful information that may send you off on a wabbit hunt.

2.  Classroom 2.0 – This site is for teachers BY teachers.  Lots of resources and conferences, and tools discussions broken out by type of tools.

3.  LIVE Classroom 2.0 – Same folks as above, but they have free webinars every Saturday on various topics.  Not a topic you like this week?  Check out their archives.  And be sure to watch the chat area to see what tools folks are sharing in the side chats

4. Cybraryman – This guy has a tone of resources, as well as lists of other folks who have resources.

5.  Go2Web20 – Another good site with tools broken out by category.  And again, once you find something you like, the wabbit hunt is on again.

6.  FeedMyApp – Find tools you might not be aware of

7.  Cool Tools for Schools – The name says it all

8.  Tech and Learning – Daily email newsletter of you can just visit the site.  Tools, tips conferences…it keeps you busy!

9.  KillerStartups – This site offers lots of tools and

10.  Twitter Feeds –  I use Tweetdeck so I can set up columns dedicated strictly for searches of interest.  I have several unique search columns set up.  One is Web 2.0 tools, one for Flipped classroom, and yes, even one for MALTRocks!!

I also use an add-on from Chrome called SimilarSites.  When I find a site or tool i like, i just click the SimilarSites icon, and it pulls up a list of sites with similar tools or software or content.

And if you are interested in joining one of the #MALTRocks twitterchats, just go to this site the second Wednesday each month at 6 PM PDT.

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