Portable Quick Scan Solution

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Ever needed to scan a document quickly? (Photo credit: Archigeek)

OK…so I have once again fallen off the wagon and am not posting as often as I would like.  But I keep climbing back in the saddle time and time again.  You may have noticed that recently I have been posting about Google Drive and how much I really enjoy it.  I am going to take it a step further this time, and give you another reason to use this outstanding tool.Have you ever found yourself in a meeting or at a conference and you found yourself looking at a document and really wanting a copy of it?  Or have you a run across a form that you would like to use in your own classroom?  Or maybe you see a document that you need to send to another teacher or student?  Or possibly, you just need to scan some documents in for safekeeping? How do you get that hard copy document to a digital format when you don’t have a scanner around?  Your smart device and Google Drive is the answer.

All you need is a Google Drive account (free) and the FREE Google Drive app on your smart device (Android or iOS phone or tablet).  Now if you are an iOS user, you will also need a free scanning app in order to take advantage  of this, but it is also free.

I am Android user, so I will begin with the procedure.  Download and install the Google Drive App.  Link it to your Google account, and you are ready to begin.  Find a document you want to scan.  Open your Google Drive app.  On the lower right, you will see an icon labeled Scan.  Frame the document up in the screen on your phone or tablet.  Press the camera button, and viola!  The document is captured.  Crop it so that only the document is in the cropped area.  You can select either a black and white image or color image.  Once you have cropped and chosen the style of image, give it a name, and upload it to your Google account as a PDF document.  You can then share it with whomever you like.  You can also view the document in Google Quick Office as a PDF file.

You can do the same with your iOS device.  However, the Google Drive app does not have the scan feature.  So you have to use a free scan app called TinyScan.  Begin by configuring your Google Drive app.  Open TinyScan, and scan your document.  Crop it and save it in TinyScan.  THEN click the Share button, select Open In, and scroll across to Open in Google Drive.  This will allow you to upload the document to Google Drive as a PDF file, and you are good to go.

Granted, as an iOS user, you will have to download an additional app (TinyScan) and go through one additional step, but the end result is the same: scan a hardcopy to a digital format using free apps.

So give it a try.  I think you will like it.  And don’t worry about having a Google account for personal use and one for business use.  You can swap between the accounts in your Google Drive app.

Hope you find this as useful as I have.  If you have comments, feel free to contact me.

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