Conferences, Card Collecting, and Contacts

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I recently attended a trade show in Orlando, Fl.  It was actually largest trade show of its type in the world.  So you can imagine the foot traffic in the convention center.  And the fact it lasted four days meant the potential to collect hundred of business cards from people.  The problem became how to keep up with the cards and add the users to contact lists in my smart phone and tablet.  That’s when I got lucky…

At first, I used Google Drive to add all my cards to a PDF file.  As you may recall from a previous post, I mentioned how using the Google Drive app allowed you to use your smart device as a portable scanner.  Just start the app, scan the item, and off it goes to the cloud as a PDF document.  Now what I did not mention was that when you scan something using the app, you can have multiple pages.  Just shoot a page, then hit the + icon to add another page to the eventual file.

So using that method, I would take all my cards from the trade show on a given day, shoot them front and back (where I usually wrote notes about the person) and like magic, I would have all my new-found cards safe and sound.  No more lost info.

Now this is great, and I came back from the trade show with all my business cards and documents digitized and shared with my friends.  But I still needed to add them to my contacts.  I also needed to clean out my smart phone, as it was getting a tad slow and full.  So I decided to begin deleting unused apps and files.  And THAT is when I came across my solution.

During the Christmas break, I was reading blogs and ran across an app that allowed you to snap a shot of a business card with your phone, upload it to the cloud, and have it OCR‘d and then stored as a contact on your device.

The app is called CamCard, and if you do conferences and business cards and contacts, this app is a must for you.

CamCard, which is cross-platform compatible for Android iOS mobile devices as well as web-based for PC and Mac, is one of the slickest things around.  It is best suited for adding cards in the field or at meetings.  Just install the app, then open it.  When you get a card, place the card on a flat surface, fill the screen with the card, and snap the image.

The app will then recognize the card and the content on the card, digitally trim the image so that the card is the only thing to be OCR’d, enhance the image, then OCR it.  It then very accurately determines which content goes in specific areas of the record.  Of course, you have the ability to edit the content right then, or you can edit it later.  Once you save the card, it gives you the option of which contact list you want to add it to on your smart device.

Once you have added the card to your files, you see a list of the users and their cards.  You can click on a name, and view the record, and even click on the image of the card in the record, and depending on the device you are using,  view a digital business card.  You can also create groups to put your cards and contacts in.  So now you do not have to try to remember a name.  Just recall what context you added them as, and search that group for them.

By creating the free account with CardCam, you can automatically sync your cards online!  For free!

The online interface is especially cool.  Say you are at someone’s office and your battery dies on your phone (like that has NEVER happened to any of you).  Just log in to CardCam, find the contact you need, and all the information is there.  Need to edit the information?  No problem.  Edit it on-line, and it syncs to your device(s) instantly.  Add groups, move contacts around to groups, even add notes to records.

So if you are looking at a way to survive conferencing and all the cards you collect, you might want to give CamCard a shot.  They do have a premium version if you like to pay for things.  Both the free and premium version work fantastically.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


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