Emoji: Passing fad or new universal language?

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 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I am back.  I know it’s been a while, and I apologize.  Canvas took a hunk of time out of my life last year.  So I am trying to get back into blogging a bit more this year, but I am trying something different.

Instead of trying to always sit down and compose all my thoughts, I am going to try to use the “Press This” feature in WordPress.  I see something I like, I hit the Press This button, and type a short introduction to the article I find interesting, tell you why, and let you read it.

Don’t worry, I am not just going to become a curator.  I will still have my own content.  But at least this may share content I feel is of interest to you guys.  I can come back later and tell you alllllllll about what I think!

So without further delay, my first Presser will be on Emoji.  I know I am old school and don’t use smiley faces and all when I text.  But what about you?  Why not read this article, and then share your thoughts.  And I hope you like this new attempt I have at blogging.

Emoji: Passing fad or new universal language?.


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