Starbucks cards compromised but it wasn’t hacked

Photo credit: USAToday – AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Compromised, NOT hacked.  Can someone explain this to me please?   Seems whenever something negative happens anymore, someone tries to spin it.

Sorry sir, your card was not hacked, it was compromised.  So what about my money…is it gone or just hiding from me?

C’mon folks.  Finding the right term to use to legally cover your arse is not something anyone should be proud of.  Your product that you sold to someone else was used to take their money without them knowing it.  This harkens back to a political period when a politician was being questioned about an event, and the offending party actually wanted the definition of the term “is” and how it was to be used in the questioning.

Face it Starbuck’s, you screwed up.  Folks had their money taken from them because of your card.  Deal with it.

And if you ever get stopped for speeding, tell the officer you were not speeding.  Tell them your speedometer was compromised.  See what good that does for you.

Starbucks cards compromised but it wasn’t hacked.

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