Microsoft scoops up creators of Wunderlist app

Photo credit: USAToday/6Wunderkinder

Several years ago, probably about 5 or so, I ran across a program that worked on PC and Mac, as well as ported as apps for mobile devices.  It gave me the ability to create checklists and tasks that I needed to get done.  It also allowed me to share lists with other users.  It was a great way to share, at least for me, items I needed student workers or other team members to get done.  It also gave me a way to keep track of what items were getting done and which ones were left.

Flash forward to last month, when I read how Sunrise, a calendar app that works with Android devices, incorporated Wunderlist in it.  Thought that was pretty cool.

Then I read today where Microsoft has bought them and will probably help grow the product even more.

If you have not tried Wunderlist, I urge you to give it a shot.  Clean, functional, easy to learn and use.  You could do worse.

Microsoft scoops up creators of Wunderlist app.


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