Technology today.

Hand-held wide band communications receiver, a...

Hand-held wide band communications receiver, aka RF or radio scanner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some things never change.  When I was a kid, anytime there was a police event in my hometown, you could count on my grandmother to be sitting around listening to her police scanner with her list of “10” codes.  That was in the 70’s and 80’s.  Flash forward to 2015.

Last night while I was working on a project, my phone beeped with a message telling me a large number of folks were following a police scanner in Italy, Texas. I turned on the app, and listened for the final 45 minutes of the standoff. Not sure where the negotiator was during this, but i just remember him saying over and over again “Miguel, are you with me?”, then saying “Daniel, are you still with me?”. Turns out that they had already pulled their Butch and Sundance. Cops have it rough. They never know what they are gonna face on their daily job.

The app I was using is Scanner Radio for Android, I am sure they have something similar for Apple. IT is a useful app, especially when there are disasters or emergencies. You can hear exactly what the folks in blue go through.

OK…I’ll get off my soapbox now.  I searched for information on the resolution to this event, and below is the link to what I found..


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