Online Photo Albums: Where to Host Them for Free

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I’ve been doing digital photography for about 18 years now, and am always on the lookout for safe, reliable online storage, photo sharing and print sites.  I ran across this article today, just as I was heading into my slow photography season, and looking to update some facilities.

Let me just start by telling you that for the past few years I have used Picasa as my quick goto photo editor, and then just posted things to a website or Google Drive.  I also use Shutterfly and My Publisher to generate high quality prints, books, and other photo gifts.  And this past year, I began using Google+ as the host site for my online sharing.

My biggest concern was making sure my images looked great online, but were watermarked and protected from being lifted by unscrupulous folks wanting to make money off my stuff.  I wanted someplace to put up a good looking, high quality digital image, but not high enough resolution to allow folks to print them out at home or some photo kiosk.  And yes, in years past, I did have that happen…more than I would care to admit.  And then there was the storage issue.  Which is why I might or might not have multiple Google accounts with multiple Google Drive storage facilities!!

I have looked at Flickr and Photo Bucket and others in the past, and have used DropBox and as alternative storage/sharing facilities.  The problem has always been two things:  capacity and ownership rights.

So at your leisure, take a look at the article linked below.  And be SURE to read the inline article about the Flickr Creative Commons issue.

Online Photo Albums: Where to Host Them for Free.

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