8 politicians scolded by musicians over song use – CBS News

Again, this is NOT a post that is technical in nature, but it kinda does touch in the technical world.

Unless you were on a different planet today, you all know that Donald Trump announced he is running for president.  And as soon as he did, his campaign team pumped a few bars of Neil Young’s “Rockin in the Free World” over the audio feed.  Seems by the end of the day, Neil had let The Don know that he should not have, and can not use his music.

But this was not the first time it has happened in politics.  The article below lists eight other times it has happened.  So why post this in a technical blog?  Because copyright infringement is happening more and more on the web via blogs, and videos and podcast.  I myself got a note once from Youtube because there was music playing over the PA speakers while I was shooting video of something that had nothing to do with the music.feel free to leave a comment.  Just be sure not to use any copyrighted content without getting permission!!  hahaha

So check out the article and feel free to leaving a comment if you want.

8 politicians scolded by musicians over song use – CBS News.


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