Learn How to Pilot a Drone with These Handy Websites

Photo credit: MakeUSeOf.com

I have been reading about and researching drones, specifically drone photography and videography, for the last year.  There is just something about being able to get aerial shots without having to rent a plane or helicopter, and also, for some of us, not having to actually leave Planet Earth to get a shot!!!

So as personal drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are also known, came down in price, and high quality cameras such as GoPro became more accessible, I started looking into maybe getting one myself.

What I found was interesting.  While the cost of a drone is in and of itself not problematic, what you can LEGALLY do with one, and where you can LEGALLY fly it was.  Seems that there are limitations covering most areas you might want to fly over and get photos of.

College campuses?  Might want to check with University Police first, or you might wind up getting arrested.  Buzz a stadium?  Not so fast.  FAA flight rules prohibit flights within certain distances, or once again, you get arrested.  And thinking about taking photos of landmarks and selling them?  Unless you have an FAA permit…you guessed it…you can get arrested.  Of course you should be able to fly it in your backyard and get photos…unless your neighbor is working on their suntan…sans clothing…in which case you might just get…sing along with me…ARRESTED!!!

So check out the link below.  Read it, research it, and then move on with purchasing a drone.  Could be fun.  As always, feel free to leave comments and thoughts.

The Best of Internet: Learn How to Pilot a Drone with These Handy Websites.


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