10 Google Docs Tips that Take Seconds & Save You Time

Photo credit: MakeUseOf.com

So in one of my recent posts I shared with you tips on using DropBox more efficiently.  Today, I will share a link to some tips on using Google Docs more efficiently.

If you ever wanted or needed an alternative for some of the more expensive word processing programs, then you should know by now that Google Docs is a great alternative.  Besides doing all the normal formatting and stuff that the others do, it also allows you to create citations on the fly.  Meaning students no longer have to worry about making sure there is enough room on a page for footnotes.

Another great feature is the realtime collaboration.  No, that does not mean that everyone is deleting each other’s work.  Collaborators can highlight a passage, and make suggested changes in a pop up window that the leader can read and edit the passage as needed.

The article linked below shares tips on how Docs, in concert with Google Drive and Google Keep can help you create and manage documents.

So give the link below a read, and since I mentioned working “in concert”, here is  Simon and Garfunkel in concert :LIVE in Central Park in 1981.

10 Google Docs Tips that Take Seconds & Save You Time.


One thought on “10 Google Docs Tips that Take Seconds & Save You Time

  1. Reblogged this on MDE Canvas Support and commented:

    Once again, I am re-blogging a post I did for another site. As more schools are going to Google Apps for Education, there is more need to realize how to maximize the functionality of the tools.

    The link included shares some tips on using basically Google Docs. But if you are interested in learning more about Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drive, Photos, and Hangouts, give us a call at the RCU. We do have a course set up to help you learn about all the Google Apps, as well as a course on using social media and setting up a social media network in your classroom.


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