Crave a burger? Soon, a 3-D printer could make it

Photo credit: USAToday/Natural Machines/Special to the Register

I’m all for technology.  AND I’m all for food.  And I am all for using technology and food together.  Pop something in the microwave and watch it over a webcam.  I’m cool with that.  I’ll even be happy to order something over the net, have someone deliver it to me via a drone, and warm it up in a microwave if need be.

But folks, the Star Trek days ain’t here just yet.  You can’t just walk up to a wall and say “Earl Grey Tea, hot” and just have it materialize in front of you.  Or can you?

The article linked below talks about making food with 3D printers.  Now I am not averse to finding new ways to create things, but somehow I can’t see myself sitting around the backyard in the summer with a PRINTER on top of a grill and turning to someone and asking them how they want their burger.  I mean, do you have to change cartridges for a cheeseburger?  Or what if they want a veggie burger.

Anyway, read the article at the link below, and leave your thoughts in the comments box please.

Crave a burger? Soon, a 3-D printer could make it.


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