5 Everyday Google Drive Collaborations That Are Not About Docs

Turned the tables this time. Posted this to another of my blogs, and re-blogged it here. Why? Because I can!! hope you like the article linked. Share any comments if you want.

RCU Tech Support

Photo credit: MakeUseOf.com

Happy New Year to all teachers in Mississippi.  As you know, July 1 begins the new fiscal year for the state.  It also is a personal start to my 32nd year with the state.  Fun huh!!

Now, with all that out of the way, I wanted to share a quick article with you.  Some of you may know that I a a big believer in using Google products for office productivity.  They are cost effective, they are constantly being updated, and you can use them collaboratively.

But what I was not totally aware of was four of the five items discussed in the article I am sharing.  I use Google forms, but had never tried the other four.  So guess what I will be doing this weekend??  And the kicker…a co-worker had recently asked about project management software, and then boom…I find this article that contains a…

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