Quick Note on Conference Presentations


I am at a state summer conference this week, and in trying to keep out participants up to date on everything, we created an app.  Agendas, locations, directions, social media.  Just about everything you could want, except someone to go to the conference meetings for you.

One of the things we are trying this year is really cutting down the paper agendas and handouts and such.  So we decided to encourage presenters and vendors to use QR Codes for material.  Let me take you through our process.

First, we decided to use Google Drive for our storage facility.  Why?  15 GB of storage for free, and if you allow your docs and slideshows be uploaded as Google format, they do not count against your storage capacity.  And videos?  Store them on Google Photos, let them compress it to good quality instead of stupendous, out of this world, spectacular quality, that storage doesn’t count against you either.  All you do is upload, then get a share link from Google and you are good to go.

Now, the next thing  we want to do is create a shortened URL for folks to write down if they want to.  Go to Bit.ly and sign up for a free account.  Why?  Because I said so!!  hahaha…just kidding.  Signing up for the free account allows you to track how many times your link is hit.  Tracking…what a concept.  So you create the free account, pop in the Google share link, shorten it, THEN CUSTOMIZE the link.  Can be something like http://bit.ly/MyPresentation  Sweet…sweet…

Finally, go to QR Code Generator and stick that shortened Bit.ly link in, and it will create you a custom QR Code as a graphic.  Download that JPG file, and pop it on the title page of your document or slideshow, and participants can use their free QR Code reader from the back of the room to shoot the QR Code, and view the document on their personal mobile device in the back of the room.

So there you have it.  How to create short URLs and QR Codes for presentations and handouts out a conference.  Oh yeah, you don’t just have to use this for conferences.  Use it for any documents you send out.  Create a QR code for your email signature.

Questions?  Send me an email or call me, or leave something in the comments area and we can figure things out.

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