3 Simple Ways to Save Online Recipes This Holiday Season

Image courtesy MakeUseOf.com

Being retired gives a person more time to catch up on reading and more time to think about the upcoming Holidays.  This article caught my eye (mainly because of the food!!) because I am always looking for ways to save interesting article I find online.  And guess what…of the three apps they recommend using, I already use two of them.  And guess what else…you can use them for MORE than just saving recipes.  I use Google Keep to track camera settings for different venues where I repeatedly shoot photos.  Easier than keeping a notepad with settings for location and time of day and lighting conditions.  You can also use Keep to make checklists that you use repeatedly.   I can also is Keep And Pocket to link and  catalog checklists and articles I want to be able to retrieve and share instantaneously.  Throw in Wunderlist, and you have a variety of multi platform tools you can use across a broad spectrum of needs.

If you have any other tools you would like to share with me, please feel free to share them in the comments area.  Bet you wish I was not so retired now huh!!!

Source: 3 Simple Ways to Save Online Recipes This Holiday Season


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