9 tips for staying safe as you shop online

Photo courtesy USAToday.com

So here we are.  Just a little over a week away from Black Friday.  And even CLOSER to Black Monday BEFORE Black Friday.  I guess it’s about time to share this little tidbit about safe cybershopping.  I saw where about 15% of all holiday shopping will be done online.  So of course, there will be a lot of folks at risk to be ripped off by identity thieves and plain out cyber criminals.  I know.  I had it happen to me a few years ago.  Someone got my card number and was buying stuff online in Spain and Italy.  My FORMER bank had the nerve to ask me if had been in those countries the previous 18 hours earlier.  Then told me I would have to wait for them to get the surveillance tapes to see if the could ID the crooks…WHO HAD PURCHASED IT ONLINE!!

Yes, joy to the weird!.  So take a look and take to hear the tips listed in the article below.  And if you have other tips to share or other sites to share with other readers, please share them in the comments area.

Source: 9 tips for staying safe as you shop online

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