RAM Quiz – HowStuffWorks

Image courtesy MakeUseOf.com

It’s Monday morning.  The Monday leafing into Black Friday deals.  This is the time of year when all sorts of gadgets are pushed at you.  Get a new this, get a new that.  Computers are always big items this time of year.  And of course, your computer may be seeming to get slower theses days.  That’s mainly because wed designers are constantly pushing the envelope and trying to add more media to web pages.

So why this quiz on RAM?  Well, you can usually increase your computer’s speed by increasing it’s RAM.  And increasing your speed can increase the life of your computer.  That way you can spend your money on OTHER gadgets over the holidays.  Take a look at the quiz (yes it is graded, no it doesn’t count) and see if possibly more RAM would be a great Black Friday gift to yourself this year

Source: RAM Quiz – HowStuffWorks


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