Beware these three Facebook scams

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The holiday season is just about upon us.  And what would it be, without Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and Facebook scams.  Ah yes, I do love the smell of ripoffs in the morning.  Facebook is becoming a vast wasteland for scams, and believe it or not, folks still fall for them.

This year, it is “Secret Sister” (which I don’t have to worry about since I have no sisters), another lottery scam, which I never fall for unless Ed McMahon is involved, and an airline ticket scam, which does not affect me, since I do not fly.

So check out the article at the link below, and not only can you read abut the big 3 scams, I’ll throw in an extra one FOR FREE!!  That’s right, just pay separate processing and postage and….well, you get the picture.

Check it out, and if you know of any other scams, share them in the comments box.  Maybe I will pass them along, maybe I will think THEY are scams!  You will just have to wonder right?  Ho Ho Ho…..Merry Christmas

Source: Beware these three Facebook scams


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