7 Google Drive Search Tips to Help You Find Anything

Graphic courtesy MakeUseOf.com

Say hello to my little friend Monday!!!  Yes, teachers are now out for Christmas holiday, and universities are not far behind them.  I realize it must seem like I spend a lot of time sharing articles about Google Drive and their other software, as well as Microsoft stuff.  Mainly because those products are used by a large majority of people in the world.

Now I really like Google Drive, and have definitely liked the improvements they have made to it since I first used it.  But, I have not spent as much time keeping up with the changes as I should have.  I actually have created a couple of online courses around Google Drive and Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and other programs.  But I will be revising them over the holidays as they have made improvements I was not aware of.

So check out the 7 tips listed int he article below, and if you have others you would like to share, please leave them in the comments box.

Source: 7 Google Drive Search Tips to Help You Find Anything


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