Those new USB-C cords can fry your laptop

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Here is a serious issue for technology users to be aware of.  We have all been in this situation before.  On the road or at work and your phone or tablet starts to run out of power.  You run out to the nearest convenience store, or borrow a cord from a friend to plug into your laptop to juice up your devices.  We all have run across cables that did not power your device.  We saved a few bucks, but did not get the job done.  Or maybe we ordered 5 or 6 online because the price was better than what you would pay at your authorized device vendor.

Well, according to this article, the market is saturated with cheap cables that not only won’t work, but, if you are really unlucky, it will fry your mobile device AND your laptop.  Bad wiring.  Bet you did not know that.

So check out this article on the new USB-C interface cable, and make your decisions wisely.  Otherwise, you may lose more than you ever thought possible, and apparently quicker than you imagined.

Source: Those new USB-C cords can fry your laptop – Feb. 5, 2016

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