10 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Smartphone Photography

Image courtesy MakeUseOf.com

Photography used to be a hobby that was limited to folks who could afford a high quality camera, as well as various lenses, then have deep pockets so they could buy and develop film.  Then you had to print them and hope the lab did good work.  THEN you needed a scanner so you could scan them into a digital format to share with others.

That is no longer the case, and hasn’t been for nearly 20 years.

However, even with the digital cameras that are part of your phone, we need to remind ourselves that these cameras are high quality and offer you many of the same features of point and shoot digitals, WITHOUT the variable zoom lenses.

Take a look at this article, take the tips to heart, and see what kind of images you can squeeze out of your cell phones.  Be sure to visit the internal links as well, as they have some other very good information you will most likely find useful for yourself, or to share with someone.

Source: 10 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Smartphone Photography


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