Progress and Change are NOT always a good thing

First it was Google announcing it killing off, I mean “retiring”,  Picasa, their outstanding photo organizing and editing software.  Now Twitter announces today it is killing off Tweetdeck, the outstanding multi-account, multi column Twitter client.  These were two very useful standalone desktop clients that helped the common internet blogger and amateur photographer immensely.  Why did they kill them off?  Who knows.  Probably the same reason Bill Gates wants everyone to upgrade to Windows 10…because it benefits their corporation.

I will be spending the next month looking for and testing alternates to both Picasa and Tweetdeck.  Yes, you can still us Google Photos and the online version of Tweetdeck at but that does not mean they do they same thing or are as good at what they do.

If you have any suggestions of software you are using currently, please share them.  If not, Just hang in…we will find alternatives.

Source: A more seamless log-in experience | Twitter Blogs


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