World Backup Day — March 31st

Today is March 31.  Normally not a big day.  However, little did I know that today World Backup Day.  And no, I am not referring to getting ins your car and backing it up.  Computer data.  Being an amateur photographer, I have many thousands of pictures from years past.  The worst feeling is when someone ask for a once in a lifetime photo and you go to your laptop only to find it has crashed.

There are several ways to consider backing up your content (audio, video, photos, PDFs, documents and other important items).  You can always backup to DVD’s, but without knowing how long they will last, that should NOT be your main method.   I recommend buying an external hard drive and backing data up.  I just purchased an 4 TB external drive for about $120 US.  That is about four times the data contained on the average laptop hard drive.  That is where I would keep all my MUST KEEP data, especially my sensitive personal data such as financial records and tax records.  I would also keep personal photos, and videos there as well.  Pretty much any and everything you have in your personal libraries on a Windows PC.

Another backup option is backing up your photos and videos to Google Photos.  With 15 GBs of storage for free, EVEN if you go with hi rez images, you should not have any problem keeping copies of your content only.   Personally, I keep hi rez copies of my photos backed up on external drives on terra firma, and keep another backup in the cloud for quick easy access anywhere.  I can also share content that way for quick needs.

Backing up general document content to cloud sites like Google Drive and Dropbox is a good idea as well.  Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, PDF files, NON SENSITIVE spreadsheets, even your resume’ makes for quick easy access and storage from anywhere in the world at anytime.  Plus, using sites like Google Drive makes it possible for you to even edit or do presentations from anywhere using your smart devices.  Yes, Microsoft DOES have cloud storage and tools; I just happen not to prefer them.

Anyway it’s World Backup Day.  So get after it, and make sure you don’t get caught in the lurch.  And remember, you can back up any and every day.  I recommend backing up content on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY photos, videos or sensitive documents AS SOON AS YOU create them.

Source: World Backup Day — March 31st


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