How to extend your iPhone’s battery life, and myths that fail

So today I am taking a little time to catch up on my tech info adventures, and I run across this article right off the bat.  Why do I find it important?  Well, it’s spring time, meaning lots of baseball games and vacation time for folks.  Which also means drained batteries on mobile devices.  And even though batteries are improving, you still need to use methods to help extend battery life.

While this article was written for Apple devices, some of the methods will work just as well for Android devices.  My favorite tips?  Numbers 3, 4 and five.  If you have ever gone to a ball game with 10,000 or more fans, you know how quick your battery drains because it is always searching for WiFi or data signals.

And before leaving, I would like to add a tip of my own:  If you find your battery being sucked down, put your device in airplane mode.  It will help save your battery, and you can flip it back to active service quickly if you need to use it.  Besides, if you paid a hundred bucks to go to a ball game or a concert, should you REALLY be paying attention to the event, and not your phone?

If you have any tips you think would be helpful, be sure to share them in the comments area below.

Source: How to extend your iPhone’s battery life, and myths that fail

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