7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Tablet Anymore

I ran across this article a couple of days ago and decided to give it some thought before I pressed it to you.  Several years ago I did a presentation going through my progression of technology and why each is needed.

When I read this article, I realized more than ever that folks need to have a technology plan in place in order to get things done.  Without going into great depth and detail here, I will give you my general thoughts on what technology you should consider

  1.  Smart Phone.  I think a smartphone is a vital part of your tech plan, but I also think it should be very mobile and small enough to fit comfortably on your body.  Remember, if you had wanted to walk around with large item on your hip, you could have done it years ago and used Google Voice for your cell phone and texting needs.  Plus, if you are in a meeting somewhere, and you are trying to discreetly respond to message, smaller is discreet.
  2. Tablet.  Tablets are needed, especially if you are trying to read emails, or social media, or items similar.  I was at the College World Series last week, and several of the writers had a cellphone to get messages back and for the photographers and other contacts, while they were tracking the game, social media, and other sports scores on their tablet.  Can’t do all that on just one item.
  3. Chrome Book.  Here is the hybrid feature.  If you are really needing to do some production type work, like writing your article, or adding images to articles, or doing some minor online photo editing, a Chrome Book MAY be able to replace your tablet.  It is basically a tablet on steroids with a keyboard, mouse and external USB connections.  However, you can not load any external programs on it, and it still has some limitations as far as apps you can run.  However, if you are torn between a tablet and a laptop, go ffor this hybrid option.  NOTE:  the Chrome Book DOES NOT come with a data plan, so you would either need to have access to WiFi or an external data source to use it fully.
  4. Laptop.  Most folks will never be able to fully break away from a laptop.  That is my opinion.  The ability to install external programs (word processing, presentation, video editing, photo editing, etc) is paramount.  You can still do basic web type functions, but you have more RAM and more onboard storage.  Plus you have the ability to add additional monitors, and do true multitasking with multiple screens open at the same time.

So there.  More than I meant to do, but not as much as I could say.  My opinion:  You DO need some sort of device to bridge the gap between a cell phone and a laptop.  Be it a tablet or be it a Chrome Book, you still need something.

What do you think?  Feel free to give me some feedback on the topic.  In the meantime, click the link below and read up on what the author has to say on the topic.

Source: 7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Tablet Anymore

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