Here comes the Pokémon Go malware

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Pokémon.  Or Pokeyman as us old folks call it.  Can’t quite recall when the tv and media phenomenon started and ended, but I remember my nephew and niece going nuts over it.  NOW, it has reached out to the millenial generation and resurfaced.  This time as an APP.

Apparently, you download the app, open it, then walk around town or the mall or campus trying to “catch” Pokeyman.  There are some other parts of it as well.  I read over the last few days how criminals are luring teens to traps and robbing them via the Pokeyman app.

And now, you can read where the there is a Pokeyman app that is malware.  And you as the user don’t even know it.  Read the article below and let me know what you think about the Pokeyman craze, and if you are participating in it or know anyone who is.

Source: Here comes the Pokémon Go malware | TechCrunch


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