How to Use Google Photos as the Perfect Vacation Companion

The summer is just about over, and school is about to start, if it hasn’t already.  End of summer vacations generate lots of photos to share with family and friends, AND the school year generates lots of photo memories of different things.  Of all the photo sharing sites I have tried, Google Photos is one of if not the best one out there.  Whether you are looking at the ease of sharing images, or looking for a more than generous storage location, Google Photos has it all.  And the search function can’t be beat.  Do I own Google Photos?  No.  But I am a user since way back, and I recommend it.

And did I mention, the service is FREE!

Here are a couple of links to some photos I shot this past July that I have on Google Photos from this past July:  hot air balloons and fireworks.  Enjoy, and as always comments are welcome.

Balloons – Canton, MS Hot Air Balloon Festival

Fireworks –  July 4, 2016 Canton, MS Fireworks

PS…the links to Google Photos are created using but that is the subject of another post

Source: How to Use Google Photos as the Perfect Vacation Companion


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