5 Examples of Information You Should Never Post Online

Every day more and more people decide to take the plunge into social media.  Or they send out emails on listservs without thinking about who may be getting the info.  Or maybe they blog about things, or share photos with the world.  I know.  I am doing some of that right now.  But more and more people are falling victim to criminals, both real and cyber, who can case a joint from the comfort of their living room recliner.

Read this post, and I will throw in another item to keep in mind.  When shooting photos, make sure that if there are identifying landmarks, that you are showing someplace with lost of folks around so that criminals won’t be able to stalk you.  Also keep in mind that a lot of the new cameras come with GPS automatically turned on and location info is embedded in the EXIF info in a photo.

So be alert at all times.  It’s not just your personal data that can be at risk by posting too much info.  YOU could be physically in harm’s way as well.

If you have thoughts or suggestions to share, please leave them in the comments box below.

Source: 5 Examples of Information You Should Never Post Online


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