Facebook’s News Feed to show fewer ‘clickbait’ headlines

Image courtesy http://www.Reuters.com

Here is a quick hitter on how Facebook intends to try to cut out some of the clutter that rolls through your news feed.  This is good, because people have a tendency to click on a webpage before it is completely loaded, and sometimes wind up going somewhere they did not intend to go to.  Which can be irritating to say the least.  It can also be harmful, if you happen to click on a clickbait link that takes you to a ransomware site.  We talked about that in an earlier post.  And trust me, nothing will rain on your parade quicker than losing all your photos, videos, and documents on your machine.

So here’s hoping they get the timeline issue tightened up.  Now if we can just get Schmuckerberg to stop messing with whether your timeline gets the top posts instead of the latest posts, AND if they will stop posting things to my timeline that I have no interest in, like “Good Morning Craig.  You may get rain today.”  If Facebook knows where I am and can tell me my weather or local information, they are tooooooo deep in my pocket.

Your thoughts and comments welcomed.  Just leave them in the box below.

Source: Facebook’s News Feed to show fewer ‘clickbait’ headlines


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