How to watch the NFL without paying for cable

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about “cutting the cord” on cable, and just streaming stuff online from Netflix and the like.  Well that’s fine until it comes time for football season, especially the NFL.  Gotta get that pigskin fix.  Watching online can be an answer, along with moving in with your neighbors or family during the season, or by using some of the alternatives mentioned in this article.

FYI, I have tried, and continue to use Sling TV.  No, they do not pay me to endorse them (although a free subscription wouldn’t hurt!!!) but I have used their service for over a year.  Great quality, large selection of channels to watch, and the price is not bad.  And the best thing about Sling TV, if you have a Chromecaster or Apple TV or even want to connect direct via HDMI cable, you can stream right to your 55 inch tv with no problems.

So check out the article below, and see if it makes sense to you to cut YOUR cable.  Just remember, streaming video eats up bandwidth like Cookie Monster eats cookies.  So you need to verify your home wifi plan has enough monthly bandwidth for streaming the NFL.

Care to share your thoughts on the subject? Just drop to the box below and share with everyone.  Don’t cost nothin’!!

Source: How to watch the NFL without paying for cable


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