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So I have been absent for a few days.  Nothing new about that. But here is something that IS new.  Many of you who know me remember I have championed Free Conference Call for years.  Originally, this was a true conference call site that allowed up to 100 users on the call at the same time.  But time marches on, and so did Free Conference Call.  A few years back, they increased the limit to 500.  Then a few years ago, they rolled out free online meetings and webinars.  The limitations on that was a max of 25 participants, but you could record the session for later playback.

Recently, I got notification that once again, they have enhanced their product.  This time, the conference calling feature has been increased to 1,000 participants.  Additionally, the online meeting/webinar feature has been increased to 1,000 participants as well.  The webinar feature includes many of the same features as other webinar products such as GoTo Meeting and WebEx.  You get back chat capability, desktop sharing, allow a participant to present, image overlays for drawing on the screen like John Madden (hahaha) and more.  Plus, the great thing is there are Doid and IOS apps for it, and you can actually share and present from a mobile device.  Why is that cool?  Because if you want to share something from a mobile device, such as how to use an app, you can simply share it on Free Conference Call and share it for all to see.

The product is truly FREE, but has paid features such as additional storage for recorded sessions and single call in numbers.  But the base product is free and works like a charm.

I will begin using this product for webinars in November, starting with the session that I started but did not have time to complete at the MBEA conference in September in Mississippi.  I will post the info here when I get it scheduled.

Until then, if you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments area below.


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